Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leave Your Shoes at the Front Door JCAHO

Dressed in navy scrubs and ready to change the world we travel in vans through flooded lands to our small village of 300 people.  Take off your shoes and step over the stray dog at the door because you are in the Tajalung Clinic.  No HIPAA here.  Patient histories are taken within earshot of the lobby and no Purell to be found.  But do not get the impression that the health care here is substandard. The 4th year nursing students from SUT have already personally delivered 3-5 babies and are so dedicated to their learning that they live at the clinic for 4 weeks.  The villagers will cook and bring them food in appreciation of the services they provide while there.  Not only do we see the patients that come to the clinic for a range of services from illness to antenatal care, we also visit patients in their homes.

Today's home visit is one that has opened our eyes to the luxuries we have in America, but also the undeniable need for community health nursing.  Our patient had not been seen in the clinic in 2 years and had several chronic conditions. Had we not traveedl to this home who knows when care would have been sought out by this individual. It is through these experiences we are learning just how important we are to the community and how big of an impact we can really have.

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