Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best Clinical Ever

Today was red letter and, at times, red carpet for our group as we officially set off on our clinical adventure. After a few days of settling in and exploring it was time to get to work!

We started our day with a meeting with some of our SUT "sisters" to discuss the case presentations they have been preparing. Yet again, we found ourselves in awe of the work they had done, and then the added work of presenting in a second language. We are so lucky to have the chance to learn along side these students during our time here!

Next, it was off to the hospital where we were kindly greeted by a truly impressive group from the community including; the Chief District Officer, the hospital chief, Deputy Directors of the district health offices, and directors of both clinics! We know that at home these positions are incredibly demanding, so to have so many of them make the time to present to us was incredible. Our very own April Bigelow and SUT's Naruemol presented together on University of Michigan and SUT- April got some good laughs from our Thai students with her picture of the university covered in snow. After lunch (and much talk with our new found friends about spicy, but delicious, Thai food) it was time for a quick round at the hospital and then back on the road.

We divided in to our two clinic groups and it was off to meet our communities. The five students at Tajalung Clinic had the opportunity to walk through the surrounding area with the SUTstudents and community health volunteers. So off we went, through the rice paddy and over the creeks, to familiarize ourselves with the district and it's people, some of whom will be our patients before we head home. Everywhere we looked there was something else we'd never encountered before- tropical fruits growing, a rice mill running, and a beautiful Buddhist temple. We even stopped for a snack- fresh bananas! They're smaller but more delicious (and selfie worthy) than at home.

It has been an incredibly eye-opening day, but now it's off to bed to dream of tomorrow's adventures in global clinical immersion!

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