Sunday, October 19, 2014

International Connections

The higher the technology, the greater the need for human touch. 


Our first day of work: teaching physical assessment skills to Thai nursing students! We had an opportunity to go to the nursing school and meet the students we will be working with in the community.

Our first assignment was to review physical assessment with small groups of students. Some students had more experience with examination techniques than others. The trick: the Thai-English language barrier. It was amazing to see how well we were able to communicate, with the students who are stronger English-speakers helping students who were not as strong. We learned that the students are required to learn how to document in English, as well as Thai! It seems American students struggle enough with medical terminology in English, let alone learning it in a foreign language!

The students are delightful - respectful and knowledgeable. After we finished a head-to-toe examination, we spent some time chatting, learning about their interests within nursing and sharing our experience with them. My favorite part: when one student asked "do you mind, can we selfie?" A common bond between international students! They also taught us a few Thai phrases and words. We are looking forward to spending more time with them and learning more about the life of nursing students in Thailand!

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