Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On the Road Again

The University of Michigan School of Nursing graduate students in primary care are embarking on another global clinical immersion.  Inspired by the pictures, stories, and experience from the pilot group, the 2014 group is double in size.  Students from the Adult-Gerontology, Family, and Pediatrics programs will spend more than two full weeks providing patient care, conducting community assessments, and delivering educational programs for rural Thailand.

It is clear that global clinical experiences challenge and change clinicians, many times in ways we least expect.  In fact, it is often difficult to predict what type of experiences will be available for students.  So much is dependent on the student personalities, the global health climate, and clinical site itself.  While the unpredictability is uncomfortable at first, students begin to realize how well this type of experience prepares them to be better clinicians, both domestically and globally.

This afternoon we board a plan bound for Thailand filled with a mix of emotions.  While we may not know exactly what awaits us, our trip last year taught us that we need to always be prepared for the unexpected.  We are ready to roll and embrace all that Thailand and the global community have to offer.

Wherever you go, Go Blue!

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